Recipe Books & Reading

My very favourite cookery books…with links to their authors and other reads. – Delia’s Ultimate Vegetarian Collection. I always go back to Delia – one of my favourites for simple, classic veggie eats. – World Cookery Book by Demuths, also a restaurant and cookery school in Bath. Worldy cuisine and pretty easy peasy recipes. Polenta Glam Sausages a go-go. – The Gate Vegetarian Cookbook by Adrian and Michael Daniel. Also a restaurant in London. I would like to be rolled up like a big giant version of their feta, and cous cous fritters, dipped in Schoog and nibbled on. – Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi. A wonderful gift and I still have so much of it to explore. Yum in everyone’s tum.

Something a wee bit more serious to read… – Eating Animals by Jonathan Saffran Foer. I have only just started reading it and it has already made me sob. Let me know what you think of it peeps. So far, it’s terrifying and the guilt makes me want to become vegan.


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