A place to find out about foody festivals, vegetarian adventures and holidays.

Wales… – Abergavenny Food Festival. Not the bestest food festy for veggie folk as it’s a bit meaty, but still pretty ace and in beautiful surroundings. – Cardiff International Food Festival – Ace eats from around the globe with plenty of local stalls too. Freebies a-plenty and in the gorgeous surroundings of Cardiff Bay. – a brand new foody fest which began in 2011 and is getting better by the year. – In October every year. Great festival in a bloody lovely setting.

Across the borders… – Bristol Organic Food Festival. Not fully vegetarian, but lots of vegetarian and vegan options. One of my favourite foody festivals and lots of information on making informed choices about your food and sustainability. Jamie Oliver’s newish brainchild. Always has a good music lineup too.

Across the oceans…

Mauritius – so last year, I treated myself to a honeymoon for one. I had a spa holiday in Mauritius, by myself, which was the most incredible place I’ve ever been in terms of luxury, peacefulness and tropical-ness, without feeling like it was pompous (even though Kylie had been there a few weeks before, so I was told!). Every day I did yoga, philosophy and meditation and I went snorkling and did Tai Chi for the first time. My main goal was to relax and unwind and it so happened that the food and the executive chef in this place were phenomenal. Every morning, someone picked me a coconut so I could have coconut water with my breakfast of fresh fruit like you’ve never tasted, banana bread and soaked nuts followed by dosa masala or savoury rice pancakes. I was doing a wellness programme, but I ate an incredible amount of the right food for my ayurvedic wellbeing (!) and I came home feeling incredible and having shed 5Ibs on a huge amount of delicious eats. I had cooking lessons and the Executive Chef dude (a different chef from the one who is there now) who apparently cooked at Bill Gates’s wedding showed me his chocolate factory and hand fed me pineapple-y ganache chocolates (shaped like pineapples) – a box was a mere £25. But oh, not a penny was mis-spent. This was a really special, rare and pretty magical time for me.

One day, I’ll do a full blog about my Mauritian adventure…and one day, I’ll go back to this exact place.

Morocco – this was my favourite eatery Morocco. (See blog posts for my Morocco blog).


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