Pop Up Cardiff!

My career as a freelancer allows me the freedom to get involved in exciting projects and 2014 was named as my year of exploration and of taking some risks. I’m now involved with shaping the feel of an event called Pop Up Cardiff – suggesting stalls, performers and coming up with fun ideas for the day and i’m also managing the promotion of the event. Cardiff needs this stuff.

PopUp Cardiff I only got involved four days before the first event, so it is taking a while to get everything running smoothly, but by August 3 I think the event will be absolutely kicking off. There are always things to learn from the first few times a collective puts on an event and we’ve got the added issue of not being allowed to trade on the actual street – but the whole point of these events ‘popping up’ is to explore the area they have popped-up on – in this case, Cardiff’s incredible independent music quarter and the ace venues that reside there. Womanby Street is probably one of my favourite places to hang by night, so the fact I get to do that by day now as well is just great. Food-wise, Cardiff has a strong street food scene on the rise, so we’re hoping to get them all to the event over the summer. The vegetarian options are still slim-pickings, but i’m working on that…

Pop Up Facebook

The next pop-up is today from 1pm – 6pm and I would love to see you there. Events like these need everyone to get on board and they will grow from strength to strength – I’m just glad to be helping to make some more stuff happen in the diff. The food, drink and market stalls take place in Womanby Street venues and on the street there will be buskers galore, chalk-drawing, pop-up palmistry and plenty of seating for eating and drinking customers and on August 3 we’ve already booked twice as many stalls…


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