Everyday Pancakes

Pancakes Here’s a tiny recipe for you. I made these gorgeous little pancakes by accident whilst trying to be healthy but also trying to kerb a sweet tooth.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Ingredients: They consist of four ingredients… gram flour, coconut milk, cinnamon, agave cooked in coconut oil.

Method: I would use half gram flour and half milk (depending on how much you want to make, 100ml milk to 100g gram flour) add cinnamon and a few squeezes of agave and whizz it up with an electric hand blender. The consistency needs to be of double cream. Add more chick pea flour if it isn’t thick enough. I use a little spice frying pan and ladle to fry them up with coconut oil – a perfect petite pancake shape. Add plenty of flavour to get rid of the strong gram flour taste.

Serve them for breakfast with dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts, agave and yoghurt. Serve them for desert with oozy dark chocolate and home-made pistachio ice cream.I used dried cherries. A squeeze of lemon or orange juice if you’re feeling fruity. A drizzle of pomegranate molasses if you’re feeling wild.

These bad boys are vegan and wheat free.

You can make them savoury by adding cumin, chilli, turmeric, fresh coriander/mint, onion seeds, fresh lime, fresh ginger, tomato puree and seasoning. Serve them with a curry or daal for a change from naan or rice. Everyday Pancakes photo (5)Basically, you can pack your own array of ingredients into these little beauts and they should come out pretty damn tasty.


6 responses to “Everyday Pancakes

  1. They look truly beautiful! I love pancakes – have you tried filling them with savoury ingredients?

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