A Vegetarian Christmas on Pinterest…

I thought I would share my Christmas Pinterest board…I’m finding some great ideas on there this year and having them all in one place is not only making me feel super festive, it’s helping to organise my festive thoughts!

I have added recipe ideas including Christmas day mains and sides, deserts, cocktails, nibbles for festive dos, as well as decor and present ideas; including all of the vegetarian and vegan books I have still yet to collect! Some of these cook books are not new releases, but they look great and my mantra is; you can never have enough cook books. I love online blogs and websites as much as anyone, but I also love looking at my colour-coded recipe book shelves!

If you’ve left it until the last minute, how about a Demuth’s cookery course? I did their Vegetarian Cookery Diploma this year and I’d do it again tomorrow! I do hope these last minute tips are helpful…and that my Pinterest board will entice excitement and encourage last minute ideas.

Here’s last year’s Christmas Present Guide again as well…

Prashad Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Enjoy! Just 6 sleeps…


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