National Vegetarian Week a go-go

NVWYeeeeha! It is National Vegetarian Week! A time for us to celebrate all things Vegetarian and encourage non-Vegetarians to give up meat for just one week.

I’m currently living in Edinburgh again (hence the radio silence) and I don’t have a lot of time to cook, so I’ve been doing a lot of 20 minute meals – salads and pasta dishes; perfect in the sunshine and amazingly easy if you’re a meat-eater trying to be vegetarian for the week. Just remember to add plenty of super-duper lentils, beans, nuts, quinoa and tofu for your protein and for variety, as well as fresh ingredients of course.

I’ve started tweeting some #tinyrecipes (140 character recipe inspiration) again this week, so follow me on Twitter and Instagram and follow the hasthtag (all recipes are on Instagram) for vegetarian meal and snack ideas.

So, let us all join our hippy hands and make an effort to support this week; it is better for you health-wise and more sustainable for the environment after all. Visit your local vegetarian eatery. Throw a vegetarian supper club with your butties.

Embrace the lentil!



3 responses to “National Vegetarian Week a go-go

  1. How funny to stumble across this post just before I go off to start cooking for my vegan dinner party in honour of NVW! My friend and I are going to experiment with making cannelloni filling out of tofu and ground nuts, I’m excited about the new recipes 🙂 Happy vegetarian week!

  2. As a non vegetarian with a mainly vegetarian diet (if this makes sense!) I am really happy to your message! Giving up meat and dairy products for some periods of time is very good for health.

    I hope you are enjoying Edinburgh . Looks like it !

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