Brighton Rocks

As I write this, I am sat with my chap on the feet-infused megabus on our way to London, on our way to Brighton; a birthday gift to me from him. I’ve not long confirmed another contract to be Head of Marketing for Assembly Festival at Edinburgh Fringe, so this is my last little break to spend some quality time with the fella, before I bugger off to Scotland again, this time for 22 weeks!

I’ve been to Brighton for work, but never for play and after banging on and on about wanting to visit Terre a Terre I have high hopes for Brighton being my veggie Mecca. We’re visiting Terre a Terre tomorrow and a now have a robust list of cultural stuff to do, places to eat, and a Brighton list set up on Twitter, ready to go go. Geeky, I know.

Today the sun is shining and I am looking forward to exploring this city. Neither of us have been here for any length of time, so it’ll be so nice to be beside the seaside and have a little adventure.

To get into the true spirit of the place, we’ve booked in for some reiki. Being the massive hippy that people think I am (I’m a vegetarian, of course people assume I’m a big hippy!) I’ve always wanted to try it and Spike’s usually up for trying something new. I think he’s secretly hoping it will calm me down a notch or too. Tonight we’re booked into Food For Friends which has had many recommendations from veggies and non-veggies alike and the menu looks delicious. I’m avoiding the temptation of deciding what to order before I even get there.

Food For Friends

As for other eateries on the itinerary, during Brighton Vegetarian Food Fest a weekend or so ago, I was keenly following the hashtag so as not to miss anything. Yum Tum Sushi, Iydea and Planet India are all on the list, as well as Upper Gardner Street Market and Brighton Food Fest which is on all weekend. The only problem will be squeezing all of the food stops in; we’re there for 4 nights.

I’ll be back blogging next week to share my reviews/thoughts about My veggie Mecca… If you have any snazzy tips, please do share!

Big Brighton love from me.



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