Milgi Veggie Food-ival a go go!

Milgi Veggie Food-ival

From a mighty tasty sounding Valentine’s Supper and a soup kitchen with a guest chef, through to a pop-up at Roath Food Market, Milgi in Cardiff are back celebrating all-things vegetarian, with their annual food-ival. For five days, starting from tomorrow, they will be opening the Milgi kitchen to artisan bakers and specialist supper clubs and more. As well as all of this they will be sharing recipes and giveaways for everyone to enjoy throughout the event.

“The festival gives us the opportunity not only to shout a little louder about what we do but also to share the benefits of how eating and drinking well enhances your overall wellbeing – something that we believe in strongly. If you have a friend or a lover who hasn’t tried Milgi food and drink then this is the week to invite them to one of our inspiring vegetarian dinners.” Gabrielle Kelly, Milgi.

Milgi Veggie Food-ival

I love that Milgi is just a 10 minute walk from my house. They are always ahead of trend in Cardiff and their menus are creative and full of flavour. I am excited to hear that there may be another Milgi food truck coming our way very soon after some shit-bag nicked their previous one a couple of years back.

Milgi and this Veggie Food-ival is something all foodies in Cardiff and beyond should be very excited about. I think so, anyway. We don’t have enough ace vegetarian eateries in Cardiff and we need to support the ones we do have. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; they have bloody marvellous cocktails too! They were also kind enough to inadvertently match their artwork to my blog. Woot!

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