London Loves Veggies…

Asian Fries - Street Feast London London is a banging city for us veggies. Over the last year or so, I’ve been truly making an effort to seek out incredible eateries for vegetarians and folk seeking the more sustainable option. I have discovered some wonderful places to eat in London that you may or may not already know about…

Here they are, all in one place…I’ll review each of the venues individually over time…

Nopi – not vegetarian, but because of Ottolenghi’s hero status among us veg-heads; he does well. The sharing plates are a particular highlight. He could do with adding one or two more main options though. His courgette fritters are a delight.

Street Feast London – not always the best in veggie choice (I’ve been twice, once the veggie choice on offer was ace and the other time; not so ace) what they do have is incredible. I’ve always been in love with street food and I love the current street food revolution. These guys do it in a very hip way; visual arts, live music, DJs, pop-up bar and gorgeous street trucks…yet they still manage to be engaging and welcoming. Hip, but not hipster. My favourite dishes so far have been some Cajun fries with Asian slaw and some mushroom gyosa with plum chilli dipping sauce.

Mildred’s – If you can deal with the queue, this place is worth the wait. A tasty, reasonable vegetarian cafe smack bang in the heart of Soho; I heart the artichoke bruscetta with lemon aioli. HOT! My boyfriend first took me here for my birthday two years ago when we’d only been together about 2 weeks. Big brownie points for him.
Nopi Black Pepper and Caramel Popcorn
Ottolenghi’s – Mostly self-service, these are in various locations across London. He can do no wrong (although more choice of mains in Nopi would promote him from superstar to God status).

Carnevale – I was incredibly tipsy when I ate in here; and yet I can still taste the food it was that good. Mediterranean vegetarian deli and restaurant, this place was homely, hearty, earthy and yum. I had a bean cassoulet If I remember rightly!

Riverside Studios Restaurant – I’ve been doing some freelance work as Marketing Manager here recently and my boss treated me to a delicious tart last time I was in town. Well worth the trip, a hidden gem of a contemporary restaurant, right on the Thames in Hammersmith. More V choice needed though (don’t fret, I have already mentioned this to the Restaurant and Bar Manager; who was incredibly receptive and agreed that they were working on their menu).

Zetter – Its thanks to the folk at Zetter I have now introduced spinach and avocado into my vegetarian fry ups. A delicious veggie breakfast, served to your room with mood lighting. Very close to Carnevale in fact.

Wahaca – With branches all over London and a sexy street truck on the South Bank; Wahaca is a splendid and very reasonable eat for the centre of London. Sweet potato chips, chips n dips, enchiladas and quesadillas to die for and the coctails are pretty snazzy too.

Covent Garden Hotel – Super for a special occassion. When I got my Edinburgh job last year, I had just happened to book this place for me and my Ma; and when I told them I had just got got a dream job, they gave us extras! They struggled a bit with the vegetarian side of it on my part and the no butter side of it on my Mum’s part, but they made up for it with excellent cakes, washed down with tingly-delish fizz.

Hornbeam Cafe – A veggie cafe in E17 with an organic veg and food cart outside selling fresh and local produce to passers-by. Nice, hearty, big old veggie breakfasts. And cheap.
Nopi Savoury Cheesecake


2 responses to “London Loves Veggies…

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Have sampled a few of them in the past but Carnevale had escaped my attention and is now firmly on the agenda for a trip to London next weekend.

    • Aces! Let me know what you think and let me know of any more places you find! I ate in a great place on Monday called Jai Krishna; beautiful and stupidly inexpensive Indian vegetarian.

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