The Practically Perfect Purple Poppadum


Fresh from the Creamery Once upon a time; my delicious boyfriend booked a meal for me at the Purple Poppadum in Cardiff and for two reasons; I cancelled. 1) Menu looked poor for vegetarians 2) Vegetarian friends have been and said the the veggie choices were unimpressive.

So, I’ve been avoiding the Purple Poppadum and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Although I’d still maintain that the vegetarian menu lacks a bit of choice… What I did eat was stupendous. I went for the three cheese starter, “Fresh from the Creamery”. Anything with the word ‘paneer’ anywhere in the title is a big hit for me. The dish that surprised me the most was the goats cheese and beetroot though. I don’t even like goats cheese, but this was my dish of the day. Sweet, salty, seasoned and full of simple, bold flavours; oh me oh my…I am a goats cheese convert. Smother me in these melt-in-the-mouth morsels and leave me to lick myself clean.

Fresh From The Creamery

For my main, I went big and ordered the vegetarian platter – this was a bloody good choice. You get to sample a variety of small dishes which is perfect for me, because I love choice and plenty of flavours. The paneer and lentil dishes get a particularly big thumbs up from me. I would have preferred a tastier rice and a paratha over a naan; but that’s just personal preference.

‘Patron Chef’ Anand George and his Purple Poppadum are an utter delight and I’m glad I was proven wrong about my initial mis-givings; it means one more high-end eatery in our place of birth. There were 10 of us eating and everyone went away raving about it and we all promised we’d go back.

Vegetarian Platter

More choice though please PP; Indian food should be mostly vegetarian; especially the contemporary, Southern Indian kind! Don’t be afraid to be true to your roots. There really is too much meat in the world already.

To finish, I had a nibble on my boyfriend’s chocolate samosas (not a euphemism) which were lush. Crispy, light pastry filled and oozing with rich molten chocolate. If Mary Poppins were with me, she might say it was practically perfect in every way; an almost perfect meal. I challenge you to find me one person who does not like paneer. (Yes, I’m still talking about paneer!)


2 responses to “The Practically Perfect Purple Poppadum

  1. Bridget Lafferty

    Hi, I’ve just stumbled upon your brilliant blog on Twitter and totally agree that the Purple Poppadom is absolutely fab. We went with a couple of friends for my boyfriends birthday in December; we are both veggie and thought the food was awesome! My only complaint would be the seating, we were so squashed in that we had to move the table every time someone wanted to leave the table. We all agreed that if they just took one table out it would have been a 10 out of 10 experience. And I’m afraid I beat your challenge… I HATE paneer!! 🙂 B x

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