Oscar’s Very Vegetarian Night

Upon my return from my summer working in Edinburgh, I was kindly invited to come along and review Oscar’s of Cardiff Very Vegetarian Night. Very exciting indeed, I took along my friend Jojo, who is of vegetarian persuasion.

There was plenty on offer. The pick n mix menu was an interesting mix of classic tapas (olives, breads etc) and interesting spins on fusion dishes. The offer is: £15 for three pick n mix dishes and a side plate. Between me and my girl Jojo, we chose a Scotch egg each (rarely seen on a menu = always a favourite!) spicy potatoes on a stick, side salad, fat chips, beetroot and chick pea pattie, halloumi and pineapple and a goats cheese crostini.

The food arrived looking pretty and was tasty and simple and so was the price tag. I really love little dishes, mezze, tapas and any kind of sharing plates; I love sociable eating and as a vegetarian, we so often get one option, that’s it’s a delight to have an actual pick n mix. Me and Jojo both love a veggie Scotch Egg, and this one did not disappoint. No splits in the outer crust, which meant it was super-crispy and by far the highlight of the meal. Goats cheese is one of the few ingredients I’m not a fan of; I always find it tastes how I imagine goats to taste… goaty. This crostini was one of the tastiest dishes though. The Halloumi & pineapple was also a simple but tasty dish. One of my favourite easy nibbles to make for friends is Halloumi & pear; and this was a wonderful equivalent. Pineapple is my favourite fruit and Halloumi is my favourite cheese. The salty cheese & sweet/sour fruit was a totally tropical combo.

I love love love that these guys are trying something new with regards to their Very Vegetarian Night. I’m going to get my one issue out of the way…The first thing that struck me when we arrived at Oscar’s Vegetarian Night, was that I could smell fish; not the greatest ‘hello and welcome’ for a vegetarian who is expecting a vegetarian night. It turns out that the Very Vegetarian Night actually takes place on a normal menu evening with some extra vegetarian plates added on a separate menu. As a vegetarian, all of the “veggie nights” I’ve been to, serve only vegetarian food on those nights. For me, this is what makes these nights special. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to smelling meat when I’m being served a veggie meal, but if you go along expecting to attend a veggie night, and someone is being served a duck next to you; it’s not a vegetarian night…It’s a night with a special vegetarian menu.

Come on you veggies and meat-eaters alike…get along to Oscar’s Very Vegetarian Night and order from the delcious veggie pick n mix menu so that maybe one day, they can do a solely vegetarian night; just for us.

The ethos that lead Oscar’s to start the night was as follows and long may it continue.

“We understand that vegetarians can often feel overlooked with bland, unimaginative options on many menus, which is why we are looking forward to celebrating the the sheer joy of fantastic ingredients creatively combined.
You will be able to choose three dishes from a selection of fifteen lovingly-crafted dishes, plus one side order, and all for just £12”.

Check out the website for dates of the Very Vegetarian Night. Oscar’s of Cardiff



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