Cardiff Street Food Festival = BIG HIT…

…From my point of view anyway.

Cardiff Street Food Festival was definitely a hit from my perspective. I finally got to try some Falafel Cafe Falafel, which was an absolute delight and only £2? I felt like I was robbing this talented dude. I also now know what I want for Christmas…a falafel-baller (like a melon-baller, but for falafels). Delicious, crispy, crunchy, munchy falafel, straight out of the deep-fryer, just like the Food God intended. Deri (Ethical Chef) Reed never fails to please; I scoffed his Glamorgan Sausage with gusto, which was almost as good as my Mum’s; and that is high praise indeed. I also had a nibble on the Embassy Cafe grub that my mate Jonny (I think I may have re-converted him, after converting him to the light-side a year or so back) was munching – also very good; although I have no idea what it was; some form of hot pattie and cold bulgar wheat.

Finally, I joined the queue for crepes and then I gave up. I seemed to be getting further away from the nutella with every minute that passed. The event was bustling and jammed and the stalls had no queue system at all. Very un-British and just how street food stalls should be…elbows out and every woman for themselves. Eat or be eaten…or something like that…

I really do hope there are more of these events in the future. I overheard Deri saying he hoped for another one before Christmas (mulled wine and yule log please…none of those nasty things called mince pies!) and most of the stalls were running out/had already ran out of food. Mr G’s Soul Kitchen had returned to his restaurant down the Docks for more supplies. I skipped desert in order to skip the queues and warm my toes, which are now baking by the fire and I’m tucking into a very melony Pinot Grigio, waiting for my friends Andrew and Rob to arrive and drink with me. We might take a trip to Milgi later for more vegetarian loveliness (ie. Cocktails).

Happy Cardiff Street Food Festival Day!


3 responses to “Cardiff Street Food Festival = BIG HIT…

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make this, it sounds like I would have loved it

  2. The next Cardiff Street Food event is going to be a Christmas Market on Dec 15th. Hope you see you there 🙂
    It will be yummy!

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