October for foodies…

I’m going to start doing monthly round-ups of events for vegetarians and foodies alike. I’ll try not to make it too Cardiff/Wales-centric as a lot of my readers are from all over the shop. Please let me know if you have any vegetarian-friendly events you want me to pimp for you.

Tonight, I’m looking forward to reviewing the Vegetarian Night at Oscars. They don’t seem to have much information online about this magical sounding evening, or a menu; but I hear there are over 15 pick n mix choices. I’m taking my pescatarian friend, Jojo and I’ll be making her choose which dishes would convert her to full vegetarian heaven.

More events this month include Three Wine Men wine tasting event in Cardiff’s Park Hotel. My friend James invited us to this; I’ve always wanted to do some more wine tasting as a grown up, (I used to go a lot with my Dad when I was way too young and I went in Bordeaux a few years back) so I’ve got a press comp and away we go. It will be interesting to see how much vegetarian, vegan and organic offerings an event like this has. Ticket prices vary.

Newport Food Festival also makes a return this year after a successful launch year in 2011. Stalls will fill the city centre on Commercial Street and free demos from top Welsh chefs including Bryn Williams and Anand George. The demos and opening night supper will take place where I do my day job at The Riverfront. The menu for the supper sounds insanely lush.

What I think might well be my favourite Welsh Food Fest is also happening this month; Cowbridge. The selection for veg-heads is probably the best of any of the Wales-based food festivals.

Milgi has it’s monthly Supper Club on Sunday – the menu is always delicious. Milgi is one of Cardiff’s few pure vegetarian eateries and the quality of food gets better every time I visit.

Some more exciting news is that Bill’s is a-go-go in Cardiff; on Mill Lane, where Rebel Rebel used to be. I’m not sure how I’ll feel eating in the same place where I’ve had many a body-part pierced, but I’m sure I’ll get over it if the food is as good as I’ve heard it is. Bill’s is a restaurant and deli which originated in Brighton and has now trickled out all over the UK; and now Cardiff. They’ve also just opened one in Soho and apparently they sell a mean olive.

In Manchester this month (until the 7th) the city hosts Manchester Food and Drink Festival. Dotted all over the urban landscape; this festival has some of the biggest names in cooking, including veggie-friendly HFW.

That’s all for October – let me know if you hear of any more fun foody things a happening this month.


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