Time to drop-off my Edinburgh baggage…

After many months of eating out three or four times a day in Edinburgh, I’m back in Cardiff carrying an extra stone. I feel it’s time for a wee detox. Edinburgh Festival Fringe was a challenge in many ways; not least the fact that I had no time to cook for myself and did no exercise the entire time I was up there. It was also an excuse to eat my way around Edinburgh; which is an amazing city for vegetarians and those interested in organic living. Most of my colleagues also put on about a stone during the festival. I always eat healthy…but I do eat a lot. I eat too many carbs and I love cheese and deserts and stuff.

I’m feeling mighty tired and sluggish now I’m back in Cardiff. This is probably down to the long hours and lack of sleep, but I’m prone to a lack of Vitamin B12 and anaemia, which many vegetarians are finding when they don’t have/make time to eat the rainbow. So; I’m going to see how I can get to feeling my healthy-self again, whilst making and eating some tasty, healthy home-made food.

The reason I’m writing this blog is to make this public. I am a bugger for non-commitment when it comes to getting healthy and fit; I love food too much…so I figure, if I put it out there in cyberspace, if I say it out loud… I’ll have to do it. My Dad has Type 2 diabetes and has been overweight over the years. Although I’m only a size 12, I’m thinking I should make an effort and start trying the everything in moderation mantra, rather than the decadent way in which I often live my life! I also stress-eat for comfort and I always have. That has to stop. Food should be about nourishing your body and mind and you should meditate on your food…not gobble it down on the run like I often do when I’m a busy bee.

Don’t get me wrong, I will by no means be eating rabbit-food. This will be about luscious soups and salads, good fats and good carbs and eating more protein. Colourful plates full of delight. I’m also about to embark on a Vegan and Vegetarian nutrition course online…so I figure now is as good a time as any to unleash a more toned, more energetic me. All before I’m 34 in January. Me and Spike have also decided to buy locally and put a stop to our supermarket shops in an effort to be more green and more conscious. Buying what is in season rather than what is in the supermarket often makes for exciting cooking as you have to create recipes around the ingredients, rather than buying ingredients for your recipe.

I’ll still be posting dirty recipes though…fret not. And if anyone Cardiff-based fancies starting a healthy vegetarian supper club with me; do get in touch!


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