CAFE CITTA: Love at first bite…

Going back many moons ago, We Are Cardiff asked me to write a blog for them. I debated for ages where to have my photo taken. I started writing the blog and then I stopped. I started again and so on. I almost finished writing the blog, and then I got my job in Edinburgh. I did manage to have my snaps done before I left and I plan to finish writing the blog now that I’m back in Cardiff and my life has almost resumed some sort of normality.

Here are the snap taken by the very talented Amy Davies, featuring me with very red hair it would seem. Cafe Citta Photo shoot

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Me and the fella discovered Cafe Citta before Christmas. It had already been open for about a year, but I hadn’t come across this city centre delight, due to the fact that by night, I think that Cardiff is over-run with chains and I’m just not interested. We both fancied Italian. We drank mulled wine at one of the German Christmas market stalls, laden with shopping bags and then went on the hunt for the least chain-like Italian we could find; and that’s when we stumbled upon Cafe Citta. It was love at first bite. It was actually love at first site too. I love the decor. Diana and her family are the most warm and welcoming people you could hope to have your dinner served by; it’s the kind of service you only get in a family run restaurant. Since Christmas, I have been back a lot, filling the place with my friends on my birthday – the food was impeccable, even with 35 people eating at once and only a tiny corner kitchen to feed us out of.

Meat eaters and veggies alike are catered for, and they know if the deserts have non-vegetarian ingredients and warn me to steer clear of certain puds. I love panacotta, but alas theirs has gelatine in. Diana promised me they’d do a veggie version soon though! You can choose a gorgeous lentil dish for starter or main that can be vegetarian, or with Italian sausage or meatballs. I LOVE an arrabiatta, and there’s is pretty perfect. Just enough garlic and chillies with the tomato sauce clinging to the penne perfectly. And al dente. They cook their pasta to al dente perfection. This is good, honest Italian cafe food at its best, with great prices. Their crème Brule and the orange and lemon mascarpone cheesecake are perfect finales.

Anyway, I hope you like the snaps. I can’t wait to visit again now that I’m back in Cardiff. Without sounding preachy (although I’m sure I will) We must keep these independent places alive in the city centre – and you can eat some bloody incredible Italian food whilst you’re at it. And I’ll finish my We Are Cardiff blog very soon…

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