An awfully wee adventure…

It seems I’ve landed the very incredible task of relocating to Edinburgh for four months, to become Head of Marketing for Assembly Festival (new website coming soon!) part of the mighty Edinburgh Festival – the world’s biggest cultural festival – every time I say/type this, I do a little “yip” inside.

It really is a dream job and a dream city for foodies; so, although I’ll continue my WM column down here, this time in three weeks, my blogging will be Edinburgh-bound.

I have visited Edinburgh during August for many years for work and for play, and I enjoy the eating as much as I do the festival itself. It’s all part and parcel of what makes the festival so massively wonderful. Edinburgh is full as an egg with excellent eateries, from high-end treats in chandelier-dripping town houses to fresh falafel wraps in skuzzy kebab houses; vegetarians can eat well in Edinburgh. Hooray! The quality of the food stalls at the temporary and pop-up venues during the festival is also ace. From juice bars serving wheatgrass shots and ginseng-laden concoctions promising to keep you awake through your festival fatigue, through to local Scottish and world cuisine; being in Edinburgh really is a huge treat for all of the senses.

Here are a few of my vegetarian favourites that I will be looking forward to visiting lots and sharing my tales of whilst I’m there.

David Bann – Big delish. The first time I visited, it didn’t blow me away, but they made up for it on my second visit. One of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in the UK.

Kalpna – Possibly the best vegetarian Thali I’ve ever tasted. Possibly. That’s a big statement though eh?

Hendersons – old-skool hippy veggie stylee. Fresh and a bit 70’s, this place is good value, but you need to book for busy times of day.

The Forest – Vegetarian and Vegan Co-operative that doubles up as a venue. Not sure what is happening with the place as it was under threat last year. I’ll look into the latest developments as it would be a damn shame to lose that venue.

Scottish Food and Drink Fortnight – This is in September.  I will be there.

The next few weeks will involve me posting my recent Copenhagen and London blogs as well as a few reviews and seasonal recipes from my last few weeks in Cardiff until later this year. If you’re up in Edinburgh this summer and fancy sharing an adventure in cooking and culture, look me up!


3 responses to “An awfully wee adventure…

  1. hi! just found your blog after going to see ‘vegucated’ at chapter last night! good luck in edinburgh….
    i’m cardiffbased and blog about lots of things including vegan cooking…

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