The Ethical Chef – Sunday Supper Clubber

I’ve wanted to go to an EthicalChef Supper Club for a long while now. Vegetarian chef Deri Reed has run these in various venues across Cardiff and I was lucky enough to get my taste buds a tingling at his February supper-club at The Pot, Cardiff. This was a last minute decision. Me and my boyfriend, Spike were tired-out from working hard and could easily have been lazy buggers for the entire evening. Instead, we braved the cold on a Sunday night in February and embarked on a little late night Sunday foody adventure.

Diners were promised five courses of ethical, locally-sourced and organic vegetarian food and we got just that. Plus, each course was DELISH!

The dinner commenced with a tall shot glass of sunchoke (a squash) soup with sage oil. Spike wanted more. I knew there were more delights to come! This was an amuse bouche. A mini taste-bud tease. Food foreplay if you will. Next up was the gnocchi. I heart gnocchi. Heart it with all my heart. This was home-made potato gnocchi served with lots of Welsh goodness, including…Welsh cream and Grana Padano and a bitter, nutty, ever-so-tasty Cavolo Nero. Next up was a great take on a Moroccan number, and to be honest, was tastier and more well-thought-out that most meals I actually ate in Morocco. Ingredients included Welsh Ffeta which was mild, crumbly and delicious. Lots of effort had gone into this dish and it was set off beautifully with a red onion chutney. We licked our plates. This main was light and full of taste and texture, savoury and just enough sweet to offset some of the salty tastes.

Now for desert. This was the best pecan pie I’ve ever eaten. The cream was whipped with vanilla and maple syrup. Perfect. I could have eaten the maple infused cream all by itself. With my face in the bowl. Spike also tried his first sweet Chai (I had one too) which was a perfect accompaniment to the pecan pie.

The fifth and final course were home-made bitter Green and Black truffles. Really, really delicious, melt-in-the-mouth balls of joy.

The only tiny change I’d make – the gnocchi was slightly over-cooked for my taste. I love my Italian food to be proper al dente, so I always pan-fry gnocchi rather than boiling or steaming it. Saying this, I think it was still my favourite course!

Love, care and attention to detail were put into the menu and the orchestration of the food. I loved the fact that the food was super-delicious, but you didn’t go home feeling too full.

Writing this blog, a week after the supper club, I wish I could eat the menu all over again. Please go to the Supper Club. The Chef, Deri Reed, comes to the table and explains the origins of the ingredients and the methodology in his cooking/menu creation. The staff in The Pot Cafe were lovely and attentive (big thanks, Ruby and Natalie). We both loved the small, intimate setting.

Five of my friends have already booked for the March 25th Supper Club already, please sign-up for the venue/chef’s e-newsletters so that you don’t miss out on any of the ace events – it will be a £17.50 very well spent. Unfortunately, I can’t go, but I will be running an equally wonderful event at Chapter that week – a world cinema festival (shameless plug!)

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