Welsh Food Fest Feasts

Just a really quick post from me to remind all Welshy Foodies (or anyone who happens to be in/near Wales today) that this weekend is a food lovers dream = Newport Food Festival (Saturday 29 October) and Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival (Saturday 29 October and Sunday 30 October).

I attended Newport Food Festival Supper last night in the Indoor Market and it was a gorgeous event, with especially gorgeous food. My main of Halloumi Wellington was one of the best main courses I have had in yonks. It is something I will most certainly be trying to re-create for a We Love Bites recipe very soon. Halloumi is the best cheese on the planet. FACT. Put it in a pastry overcoat and this, it seems, is a posh cheese pie to die for. My (vegan) stuffed tomato starter and desert by Gemelli’s were also excellent, but it’s all about the Halloumi Wellington for me. I could eat it again now for breakfast and not feel guilty.

Each course was created and chefed by glorious eateries in Newport; The Bell Inn , The Waterloo  Gemelli’s

More from me about all of the Welsh Festivals I’ve been to this year when I return from Morocco, where I’ll be having a vegetarian Moroccan cooking class and coming home with lip-smacking, Tagine-tastic recipes to share…


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