Supper Clubbing at Mulberry Street

So, this is the kind of clubbing I can get on board with these days…supper clubbing. It’s actually called Vegetarian Night, but I’m obsessed with the idea of supper clubs at the moment… even though I haven’t been to many. A very lovely friend and fellow vegetarian Alice, told me about a friend of hers (who I subsequently realised I used to go Salsa dancing with back in the day) owned a restaurant Mulberry Street and they had started organising monthly vegetarian nights, supper clubs of sorts.

I was ever so kindly invited along to sample the delights of the Mulberry Street Vegetarian Night…Me oh my, I was introduced to some Cardiff food that made some sweet love to my mouth. Myself and my vegetarian-friendly friend Jo (her Mum is vegetarian, so she “gets it”) turned up to a lovely welcome by the owner and myriad vegetarian menu options. I start to panic when there’s more than two options as I am just not used to it. The plates of food were large starter portions aptly names “vegetarian little dishes”, built for sociable sharing and like posh, fusion tapas. We chose the following…Whole baked camembert, chutney and breads, Pan fried gnocchi with peas and fevs, Cauliflower and date tagine, with a Tunisian pilaff, Lemongrass and sweetcorn soup with crème fraiche, Cajun and maple tofu, zucchini ribbons and fennel.

This was followed by two deserts to share. The hot camembert with home-made bread and chutney to start was good. I love hot cheese. I could live off cheese and bread and chutney if it didn’t make we bloat like a pot bellied piglet.

So, next we shared four plates. We had the sweetcorn soup. Little did I know how ridiculously incredible a sweetcorn soup could be. The soup was jam-packed full to the brim of really simple flavours. Next was tofu. Tofu offends many many people, but not me sunshine. I heart tofu, especially when it tastes like this – fresh and marinated perfectly and simply. The plate of gnocchi we ordered was one of the best gnocchis I’ve ever had (and I’ve travelled up and down Italy from top to tail). It was pan fried. I will never boil gnocchi again. Finally we had a gorgeous cauliflower tagine of sorts…Cauli – a very under-rated vegetable and really versatile. The sauce was rich and flavourful and the vegetables melted in the mouth. As for deserts – we had a panacotta and a rhubarb and crumble deconstructed cheesecake. Both to die for.

The thing that most impressed me is the very fact that this place is holding a vegetarian night. I honestly hope it does really well and plan to support it as much as I can. Too often do the great independent places in our city vanish. I am so often disappointed with menus for vegetarians, that this joyous little occasion came as a super-duper treat and long may it continue. I urge you to spread the word and support something truly scrumptious in our city.

The next Mulberry Street Vegetarian Night is on Tuesday 30 August – email Mulberry Street to book. You won’t regret it. Prepare for a gastronomical gang bang (with a little romance thrown in). Also suitable for vegans…

Myself and some foody-fancying friends are going along early, so if you fancy turning it into a proper supper club and making some new friends, get in touch!


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