I heart halloumi

Pear hearts Halloumi recipe

Halloumi is the squeeky, salty cheese of angels. If you love Halloumi as much as me, try this. If you’ve never eaten this delicious treat, do! It’s so simple and tastes bloody marvellous. With the help of my buddy Andrew (I am not a fan of peeling!), I made these for the last picnic I hosted and they want down a storm. In fact, everyone pronounced them their dish of the day.

Ingredients: 1 x block of Halloumi, 4 Pears, 50g Brown/unrefined sugar, 1 whole Lemon juice.

Serves two as a main, four as a starter and eight+ for nibbles. 15 minutes prep and to cook (if you’re a quick peeler).

Chop the halloumi into squares, add a generous sprinkle of freshly milled black pepper (to your taste) and griddle it on a medium heat. Peel and core the pears and then squeeze the lemon juice all over them to stop them from discolouring and to make the flavours pop. Chop them into the same sizes as the halloumi and griddle them to. When they have softened for a couple of minutes, add some brown sugar to caramelize them. Whack them onto some cocktail sticks for a nibbley picnic or serve with rocket, grilled Spanish onions with lemon juice, olive oil and balsamic drizzle for a sweet n salty squeeky salad of joy.

*Vegan option – Griddled, marinated firm tofu is a perfect Vegan substitute.


2 responses to “I heart halloumi

  1. Mmmm these look so tasty I can’t wait to try them out for my very own sophisticated dinner party!

  2. I hope I’m invited!

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