I’m so Quorny…

I’m so Quorny – So this is one of the many weird and wonderful potential food blog names that my best buds imagined for me. This one almost made the shortlist and was an idea by my good friend Jojo.

I have been dreaming about starting a bit of a vegetarian adventure for yonks, and here it begins. Last week was National Vegetarian Week and so I thought this would be a pretty ace time to begin.

My biggest challenge was coming up with a name for this blog. I work in arts marketing, so creative thinking and branding is really important and although I do this every day as part of my job, when It came to creating something for myself, I found it mega difficult and I was stupidly indecisive. Many brainstorming sesh later, it got to the point that me and my besties had too many weird and wonderful (and some absolutely ridiculous) ideas. So…welovebites it is. I love the name and I hope the content and yummy foody adventures speak volumes for everyone who reads it.

I’ll be writing about all things vegetarian – eating out, eating in, things I cook for people, things people cook for me, bad food, good food, reviews, good places to eat, places not to eat, links to eats-related things, guest blogs, food reviews, travels, cookery courses, the tunes I like to cook to, bestest cookery books, blogs and websites, piles and piles of recipes and probably some other stuff too.

So, welcome to WeLoveBites. I hope I’ve got my finger on the pulse (another canned blog name!), but if you have anything you’d like to tell me about, please get in touch. I want to hear about everyone else’s vegetarian adventures as well as writing about my own.

Rachel X


One response to “I’m so Quorny…

  1. This is brill – hurrah for Aunty RK!

    I will be following your vegetarian endeavours very closely – and I expect to be invited to the (surely imminent) book launch and restaurant opening.

    I might even turn my hand to this vegetarian lark for a day or two.

    I also like the site greatly, especially the header, which is super pretty.



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